Chapter News

  • AGR - ZTA Homecoming Results

    Submitted by Jeremy Zweiacker on 10/23/13 09:24:00 PM


    Congratulations to the men of Alpha Gamma Rho and the women of Zeta Tau Alpha on a succesful homecoming.


    The pair earned the Engineering Excellence Award as well as Homecoming Sweepstakes - 2nd,   House Decoration - 2nd and Football Frenzy - 4th.


    We are very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing everyone at homecoming 2014.

    Texas A&M vs. Rice Game Re-cap

    Submitted by Will Carey on 09/02/13 11:13:00 AM

    Brother Will Stone will be covering the games every week to bring you the best analysis Alpha Gamma Rho has to offer on the Aggies Football Season this year! 


    Texas A&M kicked off what might be the most anticipated football season in the school’s history on Saturday with a 52-31 victory over the Rice Owls. After a long, drama-filled offseason, Aggie fans, and especially the Aggie players, were ready to just get back to ... Read More

    Welcome Back, Ags! Fall 2013 School Year

    Submitted by Will Carey on 09/01/13 07:58:00 AM

    The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at Texas A&M would like to welcome everyone back to school! We are very excited for the semester ahead. This past summer was a very exciting one for the chapter. Whether participating in internships across the country, working, studying abroad, or taking summer classes; the brothers had an exciting and productive summer and are ready to hit the ground running this fall. 

    Farmers Fight video

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 04/16/12 08:07:00 PM



    I wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to see this incredible AGvocacy video, written and performed by Farmers Fight lead Advocate Jasmine Dillon.  Jasmine wrote this spoken-word piece as a part of our efforts to further spread agricultural awareness to the masses, and her modern style appeals to today's target audience while emphasizing just how vital of a role modern agriculture plays in everyone's lives.  ... Read More

    Beta Nu News- FARMERS FIGHT!

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 04/16/12 05:35:00 PM



    As I attempt to start this latest report of the chapter's events and affairs, all I can say is WOW.  It's been too long since I last posted an update (sorry, y'all), but we've been so busy with all the dynamic events we've been planning, preparing, and hosting that finding the time to write one of these doesn't happen too often.


    First and foremost, I want to applaud the Beta Nu brothers on coordinating the first annual ... Read More

    Ag Advocacy on Campus!

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 02/07/12 12:51:00 AM

    Howdy Ags!


    I figured this news was important enough to have its own post, so here y'all go;  I'm talking about...


    Farmers Fight! TAMU Ag Advocacy 2012- This event, which will promote agricultural advocacy and awareness throughout the Texas A&M campus, is building steam as committee chair Mason Parish mobilizes leaders and students throughout the College of Agriculture and beyond to take part in this great movement to promote ... Read More

    Chapter Update 2-6-12

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 02/06/12 11:17:00 PM



    Sitting down to send out another update from the Beta Nu chapter, I reflect on the accomplishments of the past week:  First and foremost, we brought a great group of new brothers into the chapter for Spring Rush!  We're excited to welcome three new brothers into the Beta Nu chapter.  It's always a pleasure to watch the chapter's potential grow in conjunction with our quality membership.  I'd also like to take this ... Read More

    Rush Week Activities

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 01/21/12 04:14:00 PM



    With the first week of classes out of the way, it's nice to have a weekend to catch up and relax after running around buying books, trying to figure out your schedule, etc.  I hope everyone had a great week and their classes are going well.


    So now that everyone's back on College Station and the Texas Hall of Fame has closed down (Sssssssssssss), y'all are probably looking for something to do with your evenings... like come ... Read More

    Recruitment School and Spring Semester

    Submitted by Eric Evans on 01/16/12 04:59:00 PM


    This is Eric Evans, VNR Planning for 2012, with a Beta Nu Chapter update for the start of the Spring semester.

    Five of our Beta Nu brothers (Reese Vann, Bo/David Williford, Jody Harris, Austin Joyce, and myself) recently attended the Alpha Gamma Rho Recruitment School, held in Kansas City, MO.  Two of these conferences are held each year to train each chapter's Recruitment committee on effective recruitment practices and to develop a ... Read More

    Highest GPA -- Again!

    Submitted by Logan Oliver on 07/06/11 01:11:00 PM

    The Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho is proud to announce that once again we have the distinct achievement of having the highest GPA in the Interfraternity Council at Texas A&M University.  This is a rather difficult feat to accomplish but after winning the same honor in the Fall 2010 semester, the chapter challenged itself to maintain this status.  It took individual endeavor and accountability on the part of each member of Alpha ... Read More

    Pink Rose 2011

    Submitted by Anthony Lopez on 04/09/11 06:36:00 PM

    Brothers recently attended the Alpha Gamma Rho, Pink Rose Ceremony held in the Hilton - College Station & Conference Center. Several brothers were given various awards.  Three brothers of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, Matt Okeson, Wesley Tobola and Lee Wright were awarded by a graduation ceremony as they will be graduating upon the close of the 2011 Spring semester. A great guest speaker and and ... Read More

    AGR Blood Drive

    Submitted by Anthony Lopez on 03/29/11 11:59:00 PM

    An AGR sponsored blood drive, in conjunction with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center was conducted on the Texas A&M campus at the beginning of the 2010 spring semester.  Brothers were present to help sign people up to give blood as well as hand out T-shirts to the donors. All brothers contributed blood to the drive as well.  The expected donor number was projected at 20 people and the AGR Blood Drive finished the day with 31 donors, ... Read More

    Alpha Gamma Rho Ranks #1 for GPA

    Submitted by Jake Riley on 02/18/11 04:07:00 PM

    At Beta Nu chapter, we have always held academics among our highest
    priorities. During the fall of 2010, the brothers of the Beta Nu chapter
    made this known to the Texas A&M Interfraternity Council and to the entire
    campus when we achieved the honor of the highest GPA of any fraternity at
    the university, ranking above the university and all men's average. Furthermore, an annual $1,000 Leadership Scholarship is awarded by the Beta Nu chapter to a ... Read More

    Belt Buckles

    Submitted by Dave Smith on 02/15/11 10:16:00 AM

    My name is David Smith and I'm a current member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Psi Fraternity at Delaware Valley College for the past couple of years we have been providing our brother with belt buckles to recognize that they are an Alpha Gamma Rho member.  As a fundraiser for our fraternity, I thought I would offer the belt buckle design that is copyrighted to us, to other members in Alpha Gamma Rho.  If you have an interest in this please ... Read More

    Undergraduates Use Renovation to Earn Food for the Needy

    Submitted by Brant Bigger on 12/17/10 10:00:00 AM

     In past semesters at Epsilon, we’ve contributed to the community by doing various activities like picking up trash along our adopt-a-highway stretch, or selling wheat emptied from old samples from research plots and donating the proceeds to Farm Rescue. It’s been quite some time, however, since we’ve held our own special event at the house, and invited the public to help out. What better time to do this than our first ... Read More

    Monterey Mushroom Educational

    Submitted by Reese Vann on 12/12/10 02:50:00 PM

    As the Fall 2010 semester at Texas A&M was quickly coming to a close, the brothers of Alpha Gama Rho took time out of their busy study schedules to take a tour of the Monterey Mushroom facility.   The educational took place on Saturday, December 11th at the Madisonville mushroom plant.  The tour was composed of the three phases used in mushroom production. 



    The brothers were given special access to the ... Read More

    Brothers "Give MS The Boot," Raise $1725 for National MS Society

    Submitted by Matt Okeson on 11/18/10 05:06:00 PM

    The Fall 2010 semester marked the beginning of a new annual philanthropic event for the Beta Nu Chapter as members joined the National MS Society in its fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in honor of friends, family, and alumni who have been diagnosed with the disease. 


    Throughout the semester, Brothers solicited donations, sold t-shirts, and helped raise awareness about MS.  This year's semester-long effort to raise ... Read More

    Brothers Attend National Convention; Chapter and Brother Receive Awards

    Submitted by Matt Okeson on 08/17/10 12:18:00 AM

    Six brothers of the Beta Nu Chapter recently travelled to St. Louis, Missouri, for the 2010 Alpha Gamma Rho National Convention held on August 12-14, 2010.  Brothers attended a variety of seminars, voted on important issues facing the Fraternity, and had the opportunity to meet with alumni and undergraduates from other chapters.  In addition to the convention sessions, brothers toured a number of sites in St. Louis including Cahokia ... Read More